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Business owners usually know a high percentage of the issues (problems and opportunities) they need to address. However, it is impossible to address the unknown. . . Benchmarking is very strong in this area.

"Seek first to understand. . ."

The answer to the logical question of "Why is Benchmarking so strong in identifying unknown areas to address?", is that it involves continuously tracking and comparing current against  past performances of the firm in question AND measures them against industry competitors (or a similar industry) for the purpose of improving performance. Using proven key financial performance indicators, these unknown issues are identified, along with options to change for performance improvement.

Individual owners and regional industry groups can address these issues from within, but it can be a real challenge given limited time and qualified resources. Another option is to utilize consultants, business advisors, and other professionals -- there are many choices that may be able to address these issues -- as long as it is their area of expertise.

With a focus in the area of Benchmarking, and a global network of skilled, experienced professionals to address virtually all of the issues that a business can encounter, a sound option for your consideration is to contact Steven Battilana by phone at 610-399-8399.


Focused Services



Identifies key areas to address, with personal  review (annual, quarterly, or monthly). A comprehensive "what-if" analysis tool is also an available option.

Customized On Demand Reports

Focused industry studies researched for regional groups seeking competitive data not available elsewhere. Inquire or better yet, call 610-399-8399.

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