BEST Business Improvement Methodology

Business Improvement starts with Benchmarking. Using the simple BEST™ Business Improvement Methodology is a great start to the critical and continuous process of improving your business.

BEST™ Business Improvement
"Continuous process methodology"

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The BEST™ Business Improvement Methodology has four simple, yet critical parts that need to be conducted on an ongoing basis:

  • Benchmark - This is a business "health check", looking at your Key Performance Indicators (financial KPIs), and comparing BOTH now to the past AND within your industry when possible.

  • Evaluate - Prioritize a select few problem and opportunity KPIs (identified through Benchmarking) that may be addressed.

  • Strategize - "Plan of attack" is mapped out. Make certain there is a means to measure change -- the goal of course is improvement.

  • Transition - Implementation of the plan. Then measure the change (seeking improvement) by restarting the BEST™ Business Improvement Methodology.

While these issues may be addressed from within your organization, strongly consider working with qualified professionals that have expertise in the areas of Benchmarking and Business Improvement.


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